Train driver suffered ‘life-changing injuries’ in crash


train driver involved in a crash at the weekend suffered “life-changing injuries”, police have said.

Two trains collided on the approach to a tunnel in Salisbury Wiltshire at around 6.45pm on Sunday.

The driver of a South Western Railway (SWR) train, who was seriously injured, had to be rescued after being trapped in his cab.

British Transport Police (BTP) said on Monday: “Thirteen people were taken to hospital by ambulance, where they have received treatment for minor injuries.

“Unfortunately, the driver of the train was more seriously injured and his injuries are believed to be life-changing.

“He also remains in hospital in a stable condition this morning, and his family have been informed.”

BTP said the SWR train running from London to Honiton, Devon struck the side of a Great Western Railway (GWR) service from Southampton to Cardiff as they both entered Fisherton Tunnel.

This caused the SWR train to derail, tipping its rear carriages onto their side.

The crash happened at a Y-shaped rail junction, with the trains approached the tunnel in the same direction but on separate tracks.

A rail industry source told the PA news agency the trains collided at the point where the tracks converge.

Previous crashes in similar circumstances have been caused by a variety of reasons, such as signalling failures, trains passing through stop lights, and train brakes struggling due to leaf fall.

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