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A new national campaign is calling for urgent federal investment to alleviate the housing crisis. The Everybody’s Home Campaign calls for the federal government to make urgent investment in social housing, as rental vacancy rates across the country remain low. Nationally, vacancy rates have decreased by nearly a third over the past 12 months and are currently sitting at 1.7 per cent. READ MORE: COVID vaccinations for children to start However, Tasmania’s data tells an even more troubling tale. Housing Dashboard data released in November 2021 showed that the rental vacancy rate in Launceston was 0.8 and the vacancy rate in Burnie was well-below the national average at 0.2. “A healthy vacancy rate is about 2.5 to three per cent,” Tenants’ Union of Tasmania principal solicitor Ben Bartl said. READ MORE: Lap of Tasmania fundraiser raises nearly $15,000 for Magnolia House “That rate is seen as a healthy balance, meaning that there is not too much power had by landlords in terms of rent, and if tenants are unhappy with a proposed rent increase or with repairs not being carried out, they’ve got the opportunity to look for other properties.” “The problem is when the vacancy rate is as low as it is across Tasmania, tenants effectively have no choice.” READ MORE: Travel-hungry tourists finally make it to Tasmania Mr Bartl said Tasmania remained a difficult rental market and given the current climate with COVID-19, renters working in hospitality still faced job insecurity. Everybody’s Home spokesperson Professor David Adamson said the vacancy rate was expected to decrease even further. “We usually see stronger demand in January so that vacancy rate will lower even further.” Professor Adamson said. Professor Adamson said the situation was “dire” for Australians on low incomes, with very few affordable rentals available. “The only way to alleviate this crisis is for the federal government to step in and build social housing, Professor Adamson said. “While some state governments have made their own investments, only the federal government has the fiscal firepower needed to make a significant difference” What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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