Tens of thousands of reinfections likely in NSW as first BA.4 case detected

NSW Health is but to make public the variety of COVID-19 reinfections recorded, however another states have already printed their figures. Between late December final yr and the top of March 2022, there have been virtually 10,000 recognized COVID-19 re-infections in Victoria. Twenty-eight re-infections have been recorded within the Northern Territory.

The federal authorities doesn’t gather information on COVID-19 reinfections, nor do well being authorities in Western Australia and Queensland.

Alicia and Andy Jones with two-year-old son Miles.

Alicia and Andy Jones with two-year-old son Miles. Credit:Kate Geraghty

“Reinfections will become the norm, but what we hope is repeat infections will be milder each time as natural immunity combined with vaccination generates strong protection,” James McCaw mentioned, an epidemiologist and mathematical biologist with the University of Melbourne.

In New York, greater than 218,500 circumstances of reinfection have been recorded – about 4 per cent of complete circumstances. Data printed by UK well being authorities on the finish of March confirmed reinfection was 10 instances extra seemingly when Omicron was the dominant variant than in the course of the Delta wave. To date, there have been virtually 1 million reinfections reported within the UK.

McCaw mentioned that, primarily based on abroad figures, it’s seemingly that NSW has recorded tens of hundreds of reinfections.


“We will get reinfected, and we are most likely to be reinfected by new versions of the virus which are immunologically different,” McCaw mentioned. “It’s going to happen more and more because it’s the only way for the virus to establish itself. It will be around forever because of reinfections.”

Alicia and Andy Jones, together with their two kids, Amelia and Miles, caught COVID-19 in the course of the peak of final yr’s Delta wave.

“I was really unwell with lots of brain fog, nausea, a cough and really bad fatigue,” she mentioned. “Both kids were OK but the stress of being stuck inside – almost a month – took its toll.”

Months later, the virus struck once more, however signs have been milder. Jones and her daughter caught the virus a second time, because the Omicron’s BA.2 wave was sweeping by means of the state.


“I had a cough and a headache but by the fourth day was feeling better,” she mentioned.

McCaw emphasised that COVID-19 is now on the “path to endemicity”.

But he confused Australia had skilled a really completely different model of the pandemic from different nations.

“Omicron was really our first exposure. In the rest of the world, almost everyone had [had COVID-19] once from another strain,” he mentioned.

“Omicron’s intrinsic severity is still very severe – the reason we didn’t have a catastrophe is because of vaccines. Reinfections will become the norm but what we hope is reinfections will be less severe because our body has various aspects of the immune response.”

“We will all get continual regular exposure over our lifetime, and we will get reinfected.”

However, the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron sub-variants may probably result in completely different outcomes.

NSW reported its first BA.4 case in its newest COVID-19 surveillance report, launched on Thursday, in an individual who had lately been in South Africa.

Wood mentioned he anticipated NSW reinfections have been being concentrated in unvaccinated people, with a major proportion in kids below 12 who’ve low ranges of vaccination.

“If you’ve been vaccinated, with two doses, I expect you to still have pretty high immunity,” Wood famous.

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