Ten Loves: Prada Christmas Gifts

Alright, alright. We know what you’re thinking: why are you banging on about Christmas when you’ve still got leftover Halloween sweets in your kitchen cupboard? Not to be all early bird catches the worm, but do you really want to be scrambling down Oxford Street on December 24 with nothing in your hands but a few gift cards and a few lousy bath bombs.

Luckily Prada has got its shit together, prepped and ready with an exquisitely collated list of goodies that would make some rather lovely gifts to wake up to on Christmas morning. What are we feeling, then? Well, there’s a Prada penny board if you planning on spending the holidays down at Southbank, a Prada basketball for those who fancy themselves a bit of a LeBron James in the making, and plenty of purses, earrings, belts and bags that could keep any Pradaphile’s heart content for years to come.

The holiday edit also ventures into homeware, sports (fancy a game of Prada ping pong, anyone?) and a fantastic packed lunch bag featuring sustainable Prada food containers and cutlery. We’re planning on eating our Christmas dinner with ours.

Shop the Prada Christmas edit here.

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