Sophie Ellis-Bextor stalker warned of criminal prosecution


man who sent Sophie Ellis-Bextor “unsettling” messages along with dozens of unwanted gifts could face criminal prosecution if he continues to contact her.

Nishil Patel, 39, targeted the Murder On The Dancefloor singer after meeting her in passing in July last year.

City of London Magistrates’ Court heard he sent the 42-year-old star hundreds of increasingly “concerning” and “upsetting” messages over Instagram.

He also left her unwanted presents at her neighbour’s home – believing it to be hers – including a wallet featuring his initials, and turned up outside the address in west London between October last year and April.

Nishil Patel sent Sophie Ellis-Bextor dozens of ‘unsettling’ messages and unwanted gifts (Ian West/PA) / PA Wire

In one message Patel told her “the wallet is blue, not black like your soul”, the court heard.

On one visit, which led to his arrest on April 26, he rang the doorbell and left a sticker on a car, magistrates were told.

Patel also contacted Ellis-Bextor’s husband, Richard Jones bass player with the band The Feeling, and one of their five children, online.

Prosecutor Felix Keating told the court that Patel left 30 wrapped parcels addressed to the singer at the home of her neighbour, prompting a warning from police, on October 30 last year.

And he continued to contact her over social media even after she blocked his account, instead messaging her under a username which was Nishil Patel spelt backwards, the court heard.

One message allegedly read: “I’m not allowed to talk to you obviously, but wtf Bexter, peeps are nuts. Don’t worry, I have got your back innit.”

Nishil Patel leaves Westminster Magistrates’ Court after an earlier hearing (Dominic Lipinski/PA) / PA Wire

At an earlier hearing in July, Mr Keating said there was an “escalation in tone” as the messages became increasingly abusive, with him calling Ellis-Bextor a “f****** privileged b****”, a “fat c***” and a “fake mother”.

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