Solange’s New Jewellery Collection is Solid Gold

After being locked indoors through ongoing lockdowns, we couldn’t be happier to be free to roam the outside world again. For Solange Azagury-Partridge, the British jewellery designer, the feeling’s mutual.

Releasing her latest collection dubbed Solid, Solange was inspired by the need to feel grounded, secure and happy after the mad two years we’ve had. “Translated into jewellery, that feeling equalled gold,” says the designer. “It is sunshine in solid form. The word solid is also an allusion to my nickname ‘Sol’, which means Sun, and my innermost visceral desire to feel optimistic, hopeful and strong.”

The collection is an expression of the simple yet luxurious things in life and is an example of beauty in its clearest form. “Gold is grounded, earthy and unchanging. It retains a positive brightness despite being born in darkness. Its purity feels cleansing. Like a fresh start and a new beginning,” she says. Working with only pure gold may seem daunting or limiting to some, but for Solange, she says designing with a single material makes her story stronger.

Each piece in the collection is named after light-filled words that reflect life within each piece. The ‘Solid Light’ and ‘Solid Sunlight’ rings are a solidification of beaming light, whilst this same idea led to the creation of the ‘Sunburst’ earrings.  “Gold is sunlight in solid form. The last couple of years have had a dark chaotic feel to them and this collection aims to bring a celebration of light and a feeling of safety and security into a volatile world. I hope that the collection reflects positive and happy vibes and that the inner glow it radiates reflects onto the wearer.”

Shop the collection here.

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