‘Smart announcement’: Labor pitches high-speed rail between Newcastle and Sydney’s CBD

The Australia Institute Ebony Bennett says it was a “smart announcement” by Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese on a proposed high-speed rail between Newcastle and Sydney’s CBD if he wins the next election.

The proposed line would cut commute time by two hours and would be the first stage of an extended line.

Labor Party on Sunday said $500 million would be committed in its first budget to acquire the corridor.

“Certainly, I think these kinds of big public transport and public infrastructure projects are very popular with voters; we’ve seen that with Labor state governments,” Ms Bennett told Sky News Australia.

“I think it’s a smart announcement that Labor sticks with this highspeed rail policy; it will be popular in areas like Newcastle that stand to benefit a lot.

“But also, I think, these kinds of projects can take decades to deliver, so yeah, it is important to make these announcements now.”

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