SenateSHJ launches dedicated insights team

SenateSHJ has launched a dedicated insights team, combining experience in communication and change solutions with primary and secondary research.

The announcement:

SenateSHJ has launched a dedicated insights team that combines decades of experience delivering communication and change solutions with expertise in primary and secondary research.

SenateSHJ Insights builds on the strategic communication consultancy’s recent acquisition of Di Marzio Research and the appointment of Paul Di Marzio as SenateSHJ’s head of research.

The team will have a strong focus on delivering services to clients across reputation, ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), behaviour and social change as well as brand perceptions.

The new capability combines primary research, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, online surveys and insight communities, and secondary research capabilities including social listening, search and social media analytics, data science and media monitoring.

The Insights business is led by Aravin Stickney, SenateSHJ partner and head of the company’s digital and creative agency, Kamber. Paul and Aravin are joined in the team by Michael O’Connor (client director – insights).

Stickney said: “SenateSHJ Insights was created in response to a growing need for timely and meaningful information in a world where ideas spread quickly, and perceptions and expectations are formed and reformed frequently.

“At SenateSHJ, we help people communicate. Why? Because this is the force that drives progress, that drives social change. And it’s never been more important.

“Misinformation, confused stakeholders, rapid change, and the collision of transformative environmental, social and health issues are just some of the risks conspiring against clarity. Insight helps us cut through.”

The SenateSHJ Insights process gathers and integrates data from disparate sources using a mix of technologies, and primary and secondary research methods. Senior, experienced consultants work together to analyse the information, identifying trends and insights which inform meaningful and actionable recommendations.

The fusion of primary and secondary techniques and the melding of minds adds value to clients by revealing valuable insights from a world of information.

“SenateSHJ Insights distinguishes itself by providing strategic consultation at every point in the design and delivery of research,” said Di Marzio.

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