‘RHONY’ Ex-Star Dorinda Medley Reconnects With Sonja Morgan

Mid last year, Real Housewives Of New York” producers disclosed to viewers that long-time cast member Dorinda Medley would be leaving the show. The reality television star had spent six seasons thrilling fans with her drama, gimmicks, and one-liners.

During her stint on the show, Medley shared a bond with fellow co-star Sonja Morgan. Although their friendship sometimes had bouts of arguments and explosive rows, they helped each other during their trying times.

At a time, Medley even let Morgan stay at her Sutton Place home in New York City when she found herself in-between places. It showed the kindness in her heart, which Morgan and others had come to admire.

However, since leaving the show, they had to stay apart because of the pandemic. Recently, the pair reunited, and fans went ballistic over the emotional moment.

Sonja Morgan & Dorinda Medley Reunion

As fate would have it, they attended the recent Ultimate Women Expo in New Jersey. The pair was at the show to advertise their brands and deliver keynote speeches to the participants.

The essence of the event was to bring fresh and unique products, services, and ideas to women living in the state.

Regarding their brands, Morgan held a tasting event for her new line of premium Semi- Sparkling Sangria, inspired by the classic Valencian recipe while, Medley came by for the book signing of her NY Times Bestseller, “Make It Nice.”

The duo was bound to meet up at some point, and they sure did to the delight of fans. They took a couple of photos that implied they were happy to see one another after a long time apart.

Later, Morgan posted the photos on her Instagram account, and fans could not stop gushing over the emotional reunion.

Fan’s Reaction

During her stay on “RHONY,” Medley’s fans were always vocal about their love for her. They were deeply hurt when Bravo decided to terminate her contract for reasons that weren’t disclosed to the public.

Seeing Medley and Morgan together filled fans with a nostalgic feeling over their time on RHONY. Morgan’s post on social media also served as a gathering point for their clamor to have Medley back in the show.

“Love the emotional reaction. BRING BACK DORINDAAAA,” one Instagram user mentioned.
“Love you beautiful ladies and seeing this reunion,” a follower commented.
“True queens will never be replaceable… ratings have continued to prove that,” another fan noted.

Candidly, ratings have dropped since Medley departed the show as fans have gotten bored of the lack of drama in the current season. In light of this, it is safe to assume that fans would want Medley to return to the show.

Is Medley Returning To The Show?

After Medley departed from the show controversially, speculations about her return ensued among RHONY fans on social media. In a way, they got feedback from “Watch What Happens” host Andy Cohen.

Cohen is also a producer on RHONY – an integral part of the team that decides who gets hired or fired. Considering this, his interview with Radio Andy last year gave fans hope about a possible future return for the ex-housewife.

A photo of Dorinda Medley sporting a multicolored blouse and black pant.
Instagram | Dorinda Medley

“Sometimes taking a pause is a good thing, and I am really hopeful that this is indeed a pause and that she would rejoin the show at some point,” Cohen said when quizzed about Medley.

“I think a pause is a good thing, and she will come back renewed and refreshed.”

It’s been over a year since Medley left, yet fans have not received a formal confirmation about her return. Perhaps, in the nearest future, their wish might come to pass.

What is Medley Up To?

Season 13 of RHONY debuted earlier this year, and the show added new faces for extra spice, but fans remained nostalgic about the good old days of having Medley around.

For the former Housewife, life has moved on just fine since she departed the reality television series. Medley embraced a new role as a bestselling author. During a chat with Bustle, she gave insight into her new book, which dropped on Aug 17, 2021.

The book contained famous one-liners during her stay on the show and juicy tidbits about her personal life, including her marriage to her late husband, Richard Medley.

Still on the interview, Medley also spoke about the possibility of a return to RHONY. “I loved every minute of Housewives; it was a huge growing period for me. I’m incredibly appreciative, but you just don’t know,” Medley said.

“I don’t even know if they’d want me back. I think if it’s right for everybody involved and if I’m still interesting enough and have some Dorinda-isms left in me, who knows? Never say never.

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