President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights the devastation Covid-19 pandemic had on economy

Johannesburg- President Cyril Ramaphosa has today delivered the ruling party’s much-anticipated January 8th statement.

He delivered the address in Limpopo, in the presence of his deputy David Mabuza, his cabinet ministers, and the members of the party.

In his speech, Ramaphosa highlighted the role that the Covid-19 pandemic played in the current state of the economy.

“Our economy has been severely damaged; millions are without work and rely on social support for survival. The rate of economic recovery, while better than anticipated, has not been optimal and the resources needed to address the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality have been inadequate. Women and young people, in particular, have borne the brunt of this adversity,” President Ramaphosa said in his speech.

He further said the pandemic has highlighted the need to address three interrelated antagonistic contradictions of class, race, and patriarchy.

Ramaphosa on July riots: 



Read the full statement below: 

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Coceka Magubeni

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