Pair arrested on suspicion of conspiring to administer poison in spiking inquiry


wo men have been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to administer poison in connection with a spate of reported drink-spiking incidents involving needles in Nottingham

Nottinghamshire Police said the men, aged 18 and 19, were arrested after receiving information from a member of the public on Wednesday, following a general appeal for help from a senior officer.

The force said both had been arrested “on suspicion of conspiracy to administer poison with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve”, and they remain in police custody.

The arrests are not being linked to any specific allegation of spiking by a needle, or contamination of a drink.

Earlier, Lincolnshire Police said it had arrested a 35-year-old man at 3am on Friday in connection with an attempted drink-spiking at a nightclub in Lincoln

The suspected offence “doesn’t involve a needle”, the force said.

Welcoming the arrest, Lincolnshire’s police and crime commissioner Marc Jones said: “We cannot accept people being unsafe when they go out with friends for a drink.

“This arrest should send a huge signal to those would-be criminals who look to prey on our community in this despicable way.”

Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire Police said it is now investigating a total of 15 separate incidents of young women and men being spiked with “something sharp” in less than a month.

The reports follow other “spiking” incidents in several parts of the country, including Exeter, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Nottinghamshire force said it had received three new reports in the last 24 hours of people being “spiked with a needle”, taking the total of such incidents under investigation to 15.

The first of those allegations dates to an incident on October 2, with the highest number of reports made on October 15 with many involving students as victims.

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