Oro Valley Police Department recognizing hard work of 911 dispatchers

ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (KGUN) — When you dial 9-1-1, Makenna Ritzel is among the many dispatchers prepared to assist.

“Some days we get really busy and there are a lot of calls we have to take,” stated Ritzel.

At simply 18-years-old, Ritzel is getting a head begin on a profession she has at all times dreamed of.

“When I was younger, I said I wanted to be a cop. When I got older I started looking into the police department,” stated Ritzel.

Ritzel graduated from Ironwood High School and acquired employed on by the Oro Valley Police Department as a Public Safety Telecommunicator, shortly after.

“We’re the connection between the officers and the public. We talk to people, they’re super thankful, we give them to the officers and the officers help them. It’s cool to see everything come full circle,” stated Ritzel.

In a couple of years, Ritzel shall be sufficiently old to coach to turn into a police officer. Until then, she is studying what it is prefer to serve the neighborhood she grew up in.

“There are different positions that can get you in the door, kind of like Makenna got to do. It exposes you to what this job entails and find out if it is something you really want to do,” stated Officer Mike Duran with the Oro Valley Police Department.

“You just don’t realize how much police officers and firefighters help with things until you go into the workforce for that area,” stated Ritzel.

The Oro Valley Police Department desires to ensure the laborious work inside each position is acknowledged.

“Dispatchers do the exact same work, they do the same hours and they don’t always get the attention they deserve. They want to help people. We want to make sure they are recognized for that,” stated Duran.


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