Novak Djokovic finds unlikely ally in Nick Kyrgios

Responding to comments from Djokovic in which he said he had no off-court respect for the Australian, Kyrgios returned serve.

“It was a strange one for me. I read his comments,” Kyrgios said at the time.

“And he said he doesn’t respect me off the court. It would actually make complete sense to me if he said he doesn’t respect me on the court. I understand if he doesn’t agree with some of my antics on the court that I’ve done in the past.

“And when we play matches, I think I’ve been pretty good towards him.

“I’m not quite sure how you can’t respect me off the court. I feel like I’ve gone about things extremely well. Especially during the pandemic.

“I was driving around, delivering food to people during the pandemic that couldn’t get supplies. I was extremely careful about what I was doing. I didn’t want to spread the virus to anyone.

“Now, I’m actually trying to donate meal kits for people that need food and I have my own foundation.

“It was very strange to me for him to say he doesn’t respect me off the court. I actually do a lot off the court.

“But he’s a very strange cat, Novak.

“A heck of a tennis player but unfortunately, someone that’s partying with their shirt off during a global pandemic – I don’t know if I can take any slack from that man.

“That’s as bad as it gets for me.”

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