Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Attends Therapy After ‘Rocky’ Patch

Nikki Bella got candid about the rough time she went through with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev.

During the latest episode of “The Bellas Podcast,” the retired professional wrestler, 37, talked about the “rocky” time she and her partner went through recently.

Long Distance Love

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev looked loved up while magazine browsing

“This is the longest we haven’t seen each other,” Nikki said in the November 10 episode with twin sister Brie Bella.

According to her, she and Artem have been very busy with their careers — him filming “Dancing With the Stars” and her working as a judge for the upcoming “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.”

Nikki admitted that the long-distance relationship had been hard for both of them.

She continued, “And you know, it’s been hard on him and it’s been hard on me to not have my man in my bed for over six, seven weeks,” to which her sister agreed by saying, “I think that’s been the longest I haven’t seen Artem since the pandemic.”

Parenting Alone

The “WWE Total Divas” alum also shared the struggles she encountered while co-parenting their 15-month-old son Matteo Chigvintsev while Artem was away.

“Teo goes everywhere with mama,” Nikki said. “That’s where he’s comfortable, that’s where he does best. [But] when you’re away from each other, there’s different time zones. Myself having Matteo and working long hours, I need Artem to check-in in ways of like, ‘How are you? how are you doing? How’s Matteo doing? What can I do?’”

Her Worries

She admitted worrying about his man feeling as if he’d done enough just by checking in on her and Teo through the phone.

“Sometimes I feel like the other person, mainly the dads, they get into this. [Believing that] they FaceTimed and that’s great, and they get on the phone, and that’s where it ends for them. And it’s just hard when the involvement beyond that isn’t there,” Nikki explained.

On top of the anxiety she dealt with while her partner was away, Nikki felt pressured with the “to-do lists” she was making for everyone and everything.

“I’m doing the whole family’s to-do lists, Matteo’s to-do lists, the house we’re building’s to-do list,” the “Total Bellas” star shared, adding that the meticulous task took a lot of room in her head, which caused “a little bit of tension in a relationship.”

Everything’s Fine Now

However, things were back to normal with Nikki saying she and Artem are “stronger than ever,” thanks to some “sexy FaceTime” and couple’s therapy.

Nikki attributed the difficult time to their different cultural backgrounds, as Artem was born in Russia while she’s all-American.

“It’s just [that,] long distance is really hard, and Artem and I, we were raised in different countries, and that actually does have an effect on a relationship. Now we’re stronger than ever,” she said.

The couple is indeed in a much better place. Nikki took to Instagram two days ago and penned a sweet tribute for her man.

“This was us after the show last week. He was SO happy! What I love is that we always have the Bella Army in our conversations! He was like I’m so grateful for their love and support. Bella Army THANK YOU for putting this smile on my love’s face!” she wrote in the caption.

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