Moyes happy for Rice to keep singing – if he hits the high notes for West Ham

The England midfielder put his own twist on Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’, chanting “Rice Rice Baby”.

Moyes may have been the only man in the West Ham camp not to hear the clip.

“Was he? I don’t do social media at all,” said the Scot when asked if the tune had been sung on the plane to Vienna on Wednesday.

“That’s quite a good tune. Catchy. Rice, Rice, baby.

“For me, the most important thing is that Declan is a football player who prepares himself and dedicates himself to his job. I’m guessing he’s not planning to be a karaoke singer, if that’s what it is, in the future.

“But overall, he’s really good, a great lad to have around. I know the point you’re putting over on that, so as long as he keeps it under control, I’m happy.

“I really want Declan Rice to be talked about for his football. That’s what I want him to be talked about. I’ve been asked a couple of questions about social media and what’s going on with that – the truth is I’m not really that interested.

“I’m only interested in how he performs for us, how he trains, how he plays for England, all those things are far more important to me.”

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