Mental health organisation Livin appoints Yukfoo for animation project

Mental health organisation Livin has appointed creative agency Yukfoo to create its series of animated videos to help break the stigma around mental health.

The announcement:

The animations will play an important part of the sought-after LIVINWell Program, which is provided to secondary schools for free, and fee-for-service to workplaces and sporting clubs around the country.

Livin’s CEO Casey Lyons said that “since the pandemic, mental health is increasingly part of the conversation in schools and workplaces around the country. At Livin, we’ve already delivered 200 LIVINWell Programs this year and aiming for another 300 in 2022.

“The partnership with Yukfoo will complement our LIVINWell Program and allow us to battle the growing mental health issues in Australia through early intervention and prevention strategies,” said Casey.

Utilising the power of storytelling and character development that people can relate to, Yukfoo will develop a series of short, animated videos to reinforce key learnings from the LIVINWell Program.

Yukfoo director, Alan Dickson said they are thrilled to have partnered with Livin to help combat such an important issue that affects so many people.

“In our own industry, we have seen the devastating effects of poor mental health and to be working on a project that can shift conversations in a more helpful way is gratifying,” said Alan.

Livin’s head psychologist, Luke Foster said that “in my experience, people still don’t have a good understanding of what mental health and mental ill-health actually are, what these terms look like in the real world and how to turn theory into practice, which is why I’m pumped to be working with Yukfoo to develop these videos to visually demonstrate several important life skills.”

Source: The Jones Collective

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