LBC host Steve Allen fat-shamed Gemma Collins before Tilly Ramsay

The host, 67, earlier this week called Ms Ramsay – the daughter of television chef Gordon Ramsay – a “chubby little thing” live on air.

In some of Allen’s unearthed tweets from 2014, he refers to The Only Way Is Essex star Collins as a “beach hut” in reference to her weight.

Allen tweeted about one scene in the popular show in 2014: “That’s [TOWIE characters] Bobby and Harry, the really out to lunch Lydia Dim and her on off boyfriend fat boy fat Arg, who slept with the beach hut Gemma.”

A week later, he wrote: “[Sic] Poor poor Gemma, fat and boring, no friends apart from Bobby, known as little Ms misery. It’s all going pear shaped.”

It comes as DrAlex George said he was “horrified” by remarks made by Mr Allen about Ms Ramsay.

Dr Alex, 30, said in his letter a “discussion about a young person’s weight live on air is not acceptable”.

“I am absolutely horrified by these remarks,” he wrote in a letter which he later shared on Instagram. “It is widely recognised just how damaging such comments about someone’s weight are and the effect they can have on an individual’s mental health. We must not only think of the effect on Tilly here, which I can imagine could be significant, but also the potential impact to listeners of the show.

Ramsay on the show

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“I am sure LBC, and [umbrella company] Global as a whole, do not condone such comments. We are currently seeing a rise in the prevalence of eating disorders, with up to 3.4million people in the UK currently being affected. We must not underestimate the impact such remarks can have, feeding into the perpetual cycle of weight stigma that stills exists here in the UK.”

Dr Alex concluded: “The reiterate, the discussion highlighted above about a young person’s weight live on air is not acceptable.”

Ms Ramsay, the daughter of television cook Gordon Ramsay, was quick to thank Dr Alex for his support. She wrote: “Thank you Alex for your support and kindness.”

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