Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Say Playing On-Screen Couple Is Easy

Most people find it challenging to work with their significant other. Luckily for Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, this was a dream come true!

The couple star as on-screen spouses, for a second time, in a Western movie. They first worked together in the FX series “Fargo.”

The engaged partners detailed how easy it felt starring side-by-side, a sweet moment on set, and getting along with the film’s antagonist.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons To Star As A Couple Again

Dunst and Plemons play husband and wife in “The Power of the Dog” and told ET about being very in sync as co-stars.

The fiancee and fiance said playing their roles felt “really easy.” Plemons shared that he and his wife-to-be clicked creatively from their first meeting and quickly built trust with each other. 

The “Jungle Cruise” actor explained that he and Dunst share thoughts without ego, and it was okay if either of them did not like an idea.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Attend LACMA's Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles

The “Melancholia” actress credited her and Plemons for being creatively in sync, revealing that they got together after working together for about a year.

Dunst said working with director Jane Campion was a dream as she is an inspiration for her as an actor.

“The Power of the Dog” features a heartwarming scene where the female protagonist teaches the male protagonist how to dance. When asked who the better dancer was, the couple was unsure. 

Plemons said he thinks it is his fiance, adding that he has older man moves. Dunst believed they danced fine, joking that it depends on how much they drink.

The “Fargo” Co-Stars Talk Working With Benedict Cumberbatch 

In “The Power of the Dog,” Plemons and Dunst star as George Burbank and Rose Gordon, newlyweds who are under the suspicious eye of Burbank’s brother, Phil, who Benedict Cumberbatch played.

The couple also spoke to the news outlet about working with Cumberbatch. The “Spiderman” star said she consistently paid no mind to him on set to build animosity for his character. 

Dunst said this helped the “Doctor Strange” actor because his role was beyond his comfort zone. Off-set, they have a joyful relationship.

The “Fargo” co-stars explained that their two sons and Cumberbatch’s boys enjoyed weekends while filming in New Zealand. 

“The Power of the Dog” is currently showing at theaters while, on December 1, Netflix will release the film for streaming.

The First “Spider-Man” Trilogy Actress Details Pay Disparities

Dunst was famous for being Mary-Jane Watson in the first “Spider-Man” trilogy but faced some challenges.

The Blast recounted how the 39-year-old got candid with The Independent about the extreme pay disparity between her and the film’s hero Tobey Maguire

Dunst previously thought nothing of it but, upon reflection, realized she was with Maguire on the official “Spider-Man” sequel poster.

The producers of the superhero movie also wanted the “Little Women” actress to fix her teeth for her role, but she declined. The executives later edited her teeth to look straight.

With some old Spiderman stars’ featured in the upcoming “No Way Home” movie, fans wonder about Dunst’s possible comeback.

The “Bring It On” star clarified to Variety that she would not be in the upcoming trilogy but would never say no to the opportunity.

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