Ice Cube Slammed Over Vaccination Refusal in ‘SNL’ Sketch

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the only high-profile celebrity to get roasted during the latest episode of “SNL” over their stance on COVID-19 vaccination. Hip-hop icon/actor Ice Cube was also taken to task during Weekend Update for departing an upcoming co-feature with Jack Black over his own refusal to get the poke.

In the segment, the “It Was a Good Day” rapper and star of films like “Friday” and “Are We There Yet?” was portrayed by series vet Kenan Thompson, who appeared at the desk in all black with Cube’s trademark Raiders cap. He was also sporting a bushy beard and announced his arrival on the show by proclaiming, “I’m going through a gangster lumberjack phase!”

After acknowledging Kenan/Cube’s look, anchor Michael Che proceeded to take him to task for his unconventional stance to hilarious effect.

Ice Cube Said Oh Hell No to ‘Oh Hell No’

As relayed by The Hollywood Reporter on October 29, producers on Sony’s “Oh Hell No,” a planned 2022 release, were rebuffed when they requested that Ice Cube receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The apparent fallout from that decision is that Cube is no longer involved with the project, which was targeting a winter shoot in Honolulu with director Kitao Sakurai. Consequently, he’ll be missing out on what was reported to be a $9 million payday.

It was a curious development given the rap legend’s promotion of face masks throughout the pandemic. In April of 2020, he took to Instagram to unveil shirts featuring his masked likeness as part of “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” campaign to raise money for frontline healthcare workers.

Per the THR report, production for “Oh Hell No” has been pushed back in the wake of the latest development. However, Black is still currently attached to the film and the studio is said to be on the hunt for an actor to take Cube’s spot beside Black on the marquee.

‘Cube’ Goes Back and Forth With Che

Right out of the gate during the “SNL” sketch, Che wanted to know what we all do — the reason Cube was willing to miss out on a big role and a bigger paycheck over a shot. Thompson’s Cube was indignant with his response.

“Hey look, man. I’d just rather be myself than take that vaccine, like you other three billion bozos,” he said.

When Che interjected that his apparent anti-vax stance had lost him the movie, Thompson fired back that he hadn’t lost anything at all.

“Not my loss, your loss. ‘Oh Hell No’ was going to feature the greatest comedy duo of all time — Ice Cube, Jack Black. The comedy chemistry crackles, man. You know what I’m saying?”

He went on to troll viewers for losing out on sequels to some of Cube’s best-known movie work.

“The point is, this mandate is costing the world my art. I had a bunch of other projects packed in the pipe. Check it out, bozo,” said Cube. “If you like ‘Barbershop 3: The Next Cut,’ you would’ve loved the sequel, ‘Barbershop 4: Just A Little Off the Sides.’ But now we can’t make it.”

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