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TASMANIA Public Health department sends messages incorrectly releasing positive cases from quarantine (The Examiner, January 12). How on earth did this happen? Who is responsible? READ MORE: How an online group became a safe space for those fearing COVID Emails do not send themselves. I know, I have sent thousands as a public servant. They have to be composed, checked and then sent. How on earth do we stop something like this from happening again? Surely not a Royal Commission? Perhaps some common sense in the Public Service. A PERSON being legally blind, walking with a cane trying to be as independent as I possibly can meets with e-scooters parked everywhere. They pass you, whether on footpaths or in the city’s mall, with no verbal indication (as most bike riders do), virtually knocking you onto a busy road and causing an accident. READ MORE: The global fitness craze setting up shop in Launceston’s CBD How do we cope with this and overcome this problem? It took me seven months of training to gain my confidence and cope with gaining my independence with Royal Guide Dogs. What do we do with this problem? I HAVE been amazed at being informed of the poor remuneration that many frontline workers receive. Considering even with the additional stress of the pandemic they continue to put their lives on the line hourly, daily, weekly without complaint, and others doing more menial employment are paid better, seems to be inequitable. Perhaps governments, even unions, need to rethink the real value of these heroes. NOVAK Djokovic is now playing games off the court. As a tennis player, he has proven himself, but as a sportsman, he has failed miserably. If he gets to play in the Australian Open, I hope no one watches him. I certainly won’t be. IT can now be confirmed. The AFL no longer represents the interests of Australians interested in Australian Rules Football, Tennis Australia is no longer interested in the Laws of Australia and those who enjoy watching Formula 1 no longer believe in the political neutrality of their sport. Those self-elected representatives need to back off and make an effort to represent their chosen sport and not to be weak representatives of international claims. Political – let’s not “take the knee” to support the de-funding of police, health – let’s not support an international who refuses to conform with the health rules of this country, and Australian Rules – let’s appreciate those (whatever their background) for their skills and not bring into focus the irrelevance of their birthplace or political beliefs. SHEMOZZLE, noun, 1. a state of chaos and confusion; a muddle – best describes the federal and state governments’ response to the current COVID-19 situation. THE system is so flawed that all you need to do is go into one of the Facebook groups such as “That’s it, I’m moving to Tassie” or Travelling Tasmania etc to see the posts of people stating that they are coming in without being tested due to not finding RAT tests to purchase pre travelling! How is that supposed to keep Tasmanians safe when no one is checking anything? WHY does the Morrison government treat public money like it’s Liberal Party money? The welcome news of long-delayed federal funding towards essential firefighting equipment for Tasmania was reported on Friday (The Examiner, January 7). This funding comes from the taxes of all Australians, not Liberal coffers. But invited to accompany federal and state ministers of the Crown and public servants at the announcement was a Liberal candidate for a federal election that has not even been called. This was completely inappropriate, and it put uniformed firefighting officers in the awkward position of being made to appear in what was effectively a Liberal campaign event. It’d be great if the Morrison government could stop this blatant politicisation of everything it touches. Meanwhile, many thanks to all members of the TFS and the fire brigade volunteers throughout my electorate who perform such vital services. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:



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