Homestead family on shooting: ‘shocked’ but ‘safe’

Paramedics attend to a person shot by police in Homestead North on Sunday morning. Photo by Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison and his spouse Jaime have been spending a typical, quiet Sunday morning with their two sons when the sound of gunshots pierced the air.

Sirens quickly adopted of their Homestead North neighborhood.

Officers shoot armed man to loss of life in Homestead

First-responders have been arriving to the scene of an officer-involved taking pictures. According to police, an allegedly armed man confronted officers about 8 a.m. and was shot on the street. His physique fell underneath the road indicators at West Robbins Drive and North Mac Neil Street.

When Andrew Harrison heard the sirens behind his house, he checked the Citizen app on his cellphone and darted out the door together with his boys to see what was occurring down the road and across the nook.

“We saw a fire truck come down the street, then an unmarked police car came,” Harrison mentioned. “We walked to the nook and noticed an ambulance and a hearth truck, and the paramedics had jumped out and have been engaged on the man (the sufferer).

“I saw the body when we got to the corner, and he wasn’t moving,” he continued. “I told the kids to stay back, and luckily they listened. They didn’t see anything. We were just far enough from the corner that they couldn’t see around. Once the victim was in the ambulance, I let them come around to see the scene.”

He mentioned he and his sons had pedaled their bikes by way of the intersection on Saturday evening.

Jaime Harrison, an InMaricopa worker, was in a bed room when she heard 4-5 gunshots ring out. It was a little bit of a shock on a quiet Sunday morning, she mentioned.

“Once in a while we’ll hear fireworks, but this morning … I knew it was gunshots. It’s a little shocking.” – Jaime Harrison, Homestead resident

“It was a little surprising to hear gunshots right in the neighborhood this morning,” she mentioned. “Once in a while we’ll hear fireworks, but this morning … I knew it was gunshots. It’s a little shocking. I don’t have any fear for my safety, but I am glad everything was taken care of so quickly. I am curious about what happened and what caused it.”

The incident is underneath investigation by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. The names of the sufferer and the officers concerned haven’t been launched.

Andrew Harrison mentioned he continues to really feel protected within the neighborhood.

“I’m glad it was the police and not just a random shooting,” he mentioned. “It’s the primary incident like that within the eight years we’ve been right here. When we hear sirens it’s normally simply paramedics for a neighbor.

“If it was random, I definitely would be selling the house.”

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