Heres how you can achieve the goal of losing weight in the new year

Johannesburg – The new year is a time when many people start thinking about positive ways they can change their lives and improve their wellbeing.

For those who want to lose weight, you can achieve your goals when you have a realistic plan of action.

Firstly, It is advisable to consult your doctor before kick-starting your new workout plan if you have any medical conditions that need attention.

Here is how you can achieve your weight loss goal:

Create a new fun workout routine

You’re more likely to stick with a new workout when you find an activity you enjoy, such as dancing, boxing, swimming, or yoga. For starters, taking a walk is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity that is safe for most people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Weight loss routine. Image: Pexels

Discover delicious food with nutritional value

Healthy eating is key to weight loss. This goes hand in gloves with changing your daily habits that hinder you from sticking to the plan.

When you start making changes, you should begin with realistic goals you can maintain and work upward. Instead of viewing certain foods as off-limits or what you can’t eat and depriving yourself of, shift your focus to what you can eat and what makes those meals exciting, like cooking for yourself or discovering a delicious fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before.

Healthy and balanced diet. Image: Pexels

Do it with a friend or loved one”

The process of losing weight can be hard and draining, many people tend to give up before they actually achieve their goal. To combat this, one needs to have a partner with whom they will walk this journey. It is always better in pairs, the more the merrier.

Exercising is better with a helping hand to guide and pick you up when you are too tired to get back up on your own. Image: Pexels

Celebrate yourself no matter how small of an inch you’ve lost

The best way to get to your goal is to take it one step at a time, bit by bit.

Taking small steps that turn into bigger steps is what helps you get on the path to losing weight. Along the way, celebrate even the smallest successes. Likewise, don’t beat yourself up or become discouraged when things aren’t perfect.

When you do hit a weight loss goal, consider changing how you think about rewards. Rather than digging into a giant ice cream sundae or a box of chocolates, choose treats that support your weight loss goals, such as getting a relaxing massage or equipping your kitchen with a fun new gadget for cooking healthier like an air fryer or blender.


Celebrate each and every weight loss win. Image: Pexels

Weight control

If you can, explore the benefits of medical and surgical weight loss options.

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss for a while, medical or surgical weight loss options can help along with changes to diet and exercise.

Next year we try again and harder. Just think, this time next year, you could be celebrating the new you.

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