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A celebration of Islamic historical past, tradition and artwork was one of many last occasions seeing out this yr’s Harmony Week on the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Ballarat Islamic Society’s Pattan Tausif stated the occasion was a possibility for communities inside Ballarat to be taught concerning the Muslim religion. “In these times, it’s really important to spread the awareness about the Islamic society and what it is all about,” he stated. “It’s really good for the community to get involved with other communities and know the community – it increases the diversity of the city.” Saturday’s bought out occasion started with a short introduction to Islam, transferring right into a quiz, and completed with attendees making Islamic model artwork they may take house, from greeting playing cards to work. Islamic artwork has a wealthy historical past, with beginnings within the seventh century in territories inhabited by Muslim populations. “It was pretty ancient time, the artists used to design the tombs, mosques, home furniture, carpets and rugs, and silk clothing,” Mr Tausif stated. “We have a wide range of art which has came from different parts of the world, one is the Middle East, and other would be from the Ottoman Empire and even the Central Asia, like Indonesia and from the Indian subcontinent”. “When art starts from one place and it goes to another, it increases its growth by the changing region, so Islamic art has such a big history just because it’s kept changing places … and growing throughout.” The first mosque in Ballarat opened in 2015, since then, Mr Tausif stated the neighborhood has grown to almost 500 Muslims made up of individuals from all around the world together with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. As a part of Harmony Week, the society additionally ran a Mosque Open Day the place folks might tour and got a primary overview of the preachings of Muslim religion. “The amount of interest from the local community that you get and the questions they asked about Islam – everyone wants to know what is Islam about and what does it teach us, how does it function on a day-to-day basis and what is people’s faith like,” Mr Tausif stated. “Harmony Week is great, because how many weeks give you the opportunity to get involved with the community and showcase your own culture and your own representation of your religion”. “And even more, to learn from other cultures and other communities – it’s really fascinating to see different cultures involving with different communities and growing together.” If you might be seeing this message you’re a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier, as we made this story accessible solely to subscribers. Thank you very a lot in your assist and permitting us to proceed telling Ballarat’s story. We admire your assist of journalism in our nice metropolis.


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