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Every occasionally I’ll hear somebody remark that the whole lot occurs for a purpose. Usually this remark is a few horrible scenario the place one thing superb got here out of it. Serendipitous moments want celebrating, however I believe it’s a step too far to counsel that the whole lot in life is smart. Nor do I imagine that God makes the whole lot occur. Some occasions are merely tragic. They don’t make sense.

Terrible issues occur in life. I don’t imagine that God willed World War II into existence. Even extra strongly do I imagine that God didn’t need the Holocaust to occur. Those are big occasions. Many years in the past I had a funeral for a 5-year-old boy whose father was backing up a heavy trailer, didn’t see the kid duck behind the trailer, and ran over him. This was a heartbreaking accident, and I don’t imagine that God needed it to occur.

But I do imagine that God is with us in all that occurs. And that God seeks to work for our good in all that comes our method even when it’s one thing horrible. This is definitely one of many fundamental classes of the cross. God is with us, and God is working for us. Tragedy, nor dying itself, doesn’t have the ultimate say about life.

Furthermore, I believe that God has a giant plan for all of us. I’m not pondering of who God desires you to marry or what profession God desires you to pursue although each of these issues will be part of God’s plan. My studying of the Bible means that God’s huge plan is to carry Shalom to the world: to every of us and to all of us. People usually translate the Hebrew phrase Shalom as peace, however I believe it’s higher understood as wholeness, completeness, or well-being. Modern Hebrew audio system ask how you might be by saying, “What is your Shalom?”

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