Former Russian colonel criticizes war in Ukraine

In a uncommon second on Russian state TV, a former senior Russian officer appeared to strongly criticize Russia’s battle in Ukraine calling his nation now “in total geopolitical isolation,” particularly mentioning Russia’s navy and political place on the planet.

Retired Russian Col. Mikhail Khodarenok mentioned, “Let’s not drink ‘information tranquilizers,’ because sometimes information is spread about some moral or psychological breakdown of Ukraine’s armed forces as if they are nearing a crisis of morale or a fracture. Khodarenok said, “None of that is near actuality.”

Even thought Khodarenok appeared to get some push back from the anchor of the show, he continued saying, “Let’s have a look at this case as a complete from our total strategic place,” he said. “Let’s not swing missiles in Finland’s path – this simply appears ridiculous. The largest downside with our navy and political scenario is that we’re in complete geopolitical isolation. And the entire world is in opposition to us. Even if we don’t wish to admit it,” CNN reported based mostly on an English translation of the second.

“Considering that European support will come into full impact and a million armed Ukrainian troopers can be a part of the combat, we have to see this actuality of the close to future, and we have to think about that in our operational and strategic calculations. The scenario for us will frankly worsen,” he mentioned.

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