Fans React To Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Split

Celebrity relationships are a common occurrence in the entertainment industry. Most A-listers prefer to date within their circle, mostly due to a mutual need for a certain level of discretion and the instant connection that comes when cupid shoots its arrows.

Although celebrities falling in love is a beautiful thing, it’s hardly perplexing when they call it quits. Still, some famous couples had fans rooting for them, and when those pairs do not make it, it shocks them to their marrows.

One of such that might take a long time for fans to get over is the “Senorita” crooners split. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello had thrilled fans with their lovey-dovey relationship for a while. The two loved packing the PDA and supported each other’s careers. Alas, some good things come to an end, and this relationship, just ended.

The Breakup Announcement

For anyone who adores celebrity love, the announcement sent a chunk of disappointment their way. Cabello and Mendes took to their Instagram stories on November 17, 2021, to release a joint statement about the status of their relationship.

Its content revealed that they were no longer together after their two-year romantic journey.

The statement read, “Hey guys, we have decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward, Camila and Shawn.”

From the look of things, their split does not imply the duo has become sworn enemies. Their Instagram pages still have several photos of themselves, and the breakup message clearly harbored no ill will towards each other.

Ultimately, it might be safe to assume that the pair would still hang out together sometime in the future.

Fans Are Heartbroken By Cabello & Mendes’ Announcement

Die-hard fans of the music stars were devastated by the breakup news. To them, it felt like the couple had blown up their hopes of seeing them walk down the aisle someday.

One fan said, “Noooo…but that’s how it is. They are the right love at the wrong time for me, but for years they have been together, things really worked out but just fell short, but we may never know. The word “chance” will always be there. Hoping for the best for both of them!”

“I honestly did not see it happening because of how they were together and all,” another follower commented.

While many felt sad about the breakup, some acted indifferently, stating that they faked their relationship all along.
“Sureee try to stay in a fake relationship and live with that person for more than two years,” one person said.

Whatever the case may be, their separation truly shook the entertainment industry.

The Reason For The Breakup

While releasing their statement on Instagram, Mendes and Cabello did not add any details about the breakup, which made fans curious about the reason.

Among the many speculations touted, one standout source stated that the pair ended their romance as they were no longer vested in maintaining the relationship. “The relationship was getting stale and complacent, and they decided they are better off being friends,” as per MSN.

The source also informed that Mendes triggered the breakup, and although Cabello was saddened, she later agreed to end it. Furthermore, it was reported that Cabello is with her friends to help her push through the breakup.

Though sadly, things turned out this way, the couple impacted themselves during their time together. One of which was helping each other deal with mental health struggles that came with their stardom.

How Did Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Meet?

Taking a trip down memory lane, Mendes and Cabello first met at Austin Mahone’s 2014 concert. The pair was to play at the show as supporting acts for the Mahone.

Sometime during the concert, Cabello spoke to him, and they kickstarted their friendship from then. Their companionship bore their first collaboration, the hit song “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which sparked relationship rumors.

Later, fans got confirmation about the relationship after the pair released another joint single, “Señorita,” in 2019 and started spending more time in public together. Subsequently, they became renowned throughout the pandemic for their PDA-laden walks, joint tattoo sessions, mushy social media posts, and many more.

Following their recent breakup, could there be a reunion later in the future? Well, it might seem unlikely, but fans still hope they find their way back to each other.

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