Fans React As Paul Rudd Is Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive In 2021

There is a new sexy avenger in town! 

The verdict is in for 2021’s People Sexiest Man Alive, and the winner is none other than everyone’s favorite Ant-man, Paul Rudd.

The 52-year-old is officially the world’s biggest Hollywood heartthrob after stealing the spot from last year’s winner Michael B. Jordan. Naturally, fans had a lot of interesting reactions to this news.

Paul Rudd’s Latest Achievement Left Fans Bewildered

When it comes to Marvel’s Avengers, everyone has their favorite character, but Captain America seems to be an all-around lovable guy.

This is why most people were rooting for Chris Evans to snag this year’s sexiest man title. However, since Rudd won, fans flooded Twitter with their opinions on the matter. 

Paul Rudd seen walking in New York

Some fans were disappointed that the “Knives Out” star was denied a place on People’s Sexiest Man Alive table. However, they proudly celebrated this year’s winner without hate.

On the other hand, a few fans weren’t pleased with the results. One Twitter user accused People magazine of being cowards for not giving the title to Paul Reubens, while another user wrote, “Wtf? Paul Rudd?”

The “Clueless” actor’s true fans happily sang his praises. One fan stated that the 52-year-old’s win was long overdue as the entertainer hasn’t aged in the past 20 years.

Given the number of positive reactions, especially from Captain America’s supporters, it is safe to say that the magazine’s committee made a great choice. 

The “This Is 40” Star Had A Hard Time Accepting His New Title

As reported by PEOPLE, Rudd hasn’t accepted his title as the sexiest man alive and the reason for this hesitation is too adorable for words.

The Hollywood sensation has been given many titles, including an award-winning actor, adoring husband to his longtime wife Julie, and a dependable father to his two children.

Paul Rudd at the 2014 Vanity Fair

But sexy was a label the Marvel star doesn’t believe he deserved. The “I Love You, Man” actor explained that he was more suited to be a father and husband rather than 2021’s heartthrob. In his words:

“This is not false humility. There are so many people that should get this before me.”

Despite his reluctance to accept the sexy title, the 52-year-old planned to enjoy the privileges that came with his new label. 

The entertainer hoped to get invited to a “sexy dinner” soiree with previous winners such as Jordan and George Clooney. He also joked about printing business cards with his new title.

Secret Behind The “Ant-Man” Star’s Ageless Beauty 

In August, The Blast shared the secret behind Rudd’s ageless appearance as the 52-year-old could easily be mistaken for a man in his late 20’s.

Despite his age, the entertainer retained his boyish glow, and the reason for this has nothing to do with botox or a skincare routine. The secret behind the actor’s good looks was simply his personality.

That’s right, several sources have confirmed that the “Knocked Up” star is a genuine sweetheart whose youthfulness came from his good heart.

The Hollywood sensation has been captured on several occasions being nice to strangers, including having FaceTime chat with a restaurant staff member who couldn’t be there to meet the star in person.

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