‘Disgusting’: Fury over Australian bar’s vaccination stamp

When a lady walked right into a Perth bar, she didn’t count on to have her vaccination standing marked on her arm in a transfer that’s been slammed as an “embarrassing disgrace”. So why did they do it?

When a journalist overlaying the election marketing campaign path stopped for a go to at a bar in Perth this week, she didn’t count on the weird greeting she obtained.

Jennifer Bechwati, political reporter at 7 News, took to Twitter to point out a moderately uncommon inking – a stamp confirming her vaccination standing had been checked at The Reveley Bar.

Alongside a picture of the stamp she wrote: “‘Vax checked’. Stamped as we entered a bar in Perth.”

The vax stamp picture sparked a storm of shock on social media with many arguing that it’s a step too far. Among the vocal critics was Western Australian Senate Candidate for the Liberal Democrats Kate Fantinel, who stated: “I apologise on behalf of Western Australia”.

The sentiment was shared by Sky News host Chris Kenny who stated it’s a shame the journalists needed to show vaccination standing on arrival in Perth and get “vax checked” stamped on their wrists.

“That is Perth, Western Australia, in 2022,” Mr Kenny stated.

“One country we are, 95 per cent or more vaccinated and this sort of draconian nonsense is still being enforced by state governments.

“What a crying shame … what a disgrace.”

“Disgusting move WA” one wrote, and one other stated “what a disgrace”.

While twitter consumer Ben stated: “This sort of thing is only done by people who have never learned anything about history.”

While Tanny wrote: “You turn around and walk out. That’s what you do. You don’t play along with it. We’re not livestock to be branded. Or are we?”

Michelle wrote: “This sux! I hate what Australia has become!”

Another stated: “Thanks for letting me know where not to go.”

Others known as it “creepy”, “sick” “inappropriate” and “insane”.

Some social media customers stated it seemed to be fairly the dystopian transfer and indicated that we’re not dwelling in a free nation.

Even Australian lawyer and columnist Caroline Di Russo from Sky News had a dig, saying “I’m sorry we’re such bed wetting paddlers”.

But not everybody was outraged, some thought it was really not that huge of a deal.

User Simon stated: “You’ve never been stamped before entering a licensed premise? Used to be a badge of honour on the morning after, also a reminder of where you’d been.”

The Reveley Bar instructed it’s not their option to do the vaccination test course of.

“We are required, by law, to only allow fully vaccinated patrons into our venues and face huge fines if we do not undertake this check,” a spokesperson for the bar stated.

“So we check the vaccination status and then use a stamp so that we don’t have to ask patrons multiple times to show us confirmation of vaccination.

“It is something we have to do, not something we choose to do.”

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