Britney Spears’ Mother Scorches Father, Describes Brutal Conservatorship

Britney Spears’s mother, Lynne Spears, is slamming her father describing the brutal conservatorship that included unnecessary medical treatment and blocking her from attending the family’s Christmas in Louisiana.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Lynne Spears’ legal team is asking the estate to pay for attorney’s fees incurred while a law firm guided the pop star’s mother through the nasty conservatorship battle. In the request, the lawyers describe a brutal situation, claiming the conservators — including Jamie Spears — were controlling Britney to the point of a “disturbing” existence.

In the filing, Lynne says back in 2019 she was a concerned mother who was trying to help her daughter who was living with “unreasonable restrictions” including being involuntarily moved from her home to for an “extended stay in a medical facility.” Plus, Lynne says Britney was NOT allowed to travel to Lousiana for the Spears family Christmas.

Britney Spears’ Mother Says Father Forced Her Into Unwarranted Medical Treatment

Britney Spears’ Mother Claims Father Blocked Her From Attending Family Christmas

At the time, Britney’s mom believed the medical treatment was “not warranted” and Britney was held under “microscopic control” such as “a paltry unexplained weekly allowance, the type of phone she was allowed was (a flip phone), travel and movement restrictions including a prohibition on Britney driving her own car, prohibitions on visitors to her home, including her boyfriend and even her children’s friends.

So, Lynne Spears hired a lawyer to attend the upcoming hearings in Britney’s case and attempt to remove her father as conservator. 

Interestingly, Britney’s mom claims the second she hired a lawyer and jumped into the case, the pop star’s restrictions started to be lifted, and “some form of normalcy, albeit not perfectly, returned to her life.” Adding, “over the course of four short weeks, she went from a medical facility to a weekend vacation in Miami, Florida…and soon thereafter she was able to take a trip to Turks and Caicos with her mother.” Also, the ‘Toxic’ singer got her iPhone back, and was given driving privileges.

In the documents, Lynne Spears confirmed a story first published by The Blast, in which Jamie Spears was under investigation for assaulting one of Britney’s children. At the time, Jamie stepped down as conservator, claiming medical issues — but, Lynne says the “reality was that his retirement was not voluntary.” Adding, “it was negotiated result in which counsel for Lynne was actively engaged to remove Jaime from Britney’s personal conservatorship.”

Lynne Spears’ Lawyer Asks For Over $500,000 In Attorney Fees

Britney Spears’ Mother Claims Father Blocked Her From Attending Family Christmas

Of course, Britney’s mom points out the amount of money spent by Jaime Spears for a “media tour” to defend himself against allegations of conservatorship abuse — and her attorneys believe it is completely fair for that their fees be taken out of the pop star’s accounts too.

In the end, Lynne’s lawyer — Gladstone N. Jones says his professional services are worth $840,000. But, he is willing to cut Lynne a discount of 40% equaling $504,000. In the filing, the lawyers ask that their local counsel’s fees be covered as well, which is another $146,548.

The decision is now up to the conservatorship judge.

Britney is due back in court his month to possibly end her 13-year conservatorship. 

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