Bobby Jolly’s Family Speaks Out On Chris Daughtry’s Daughter’s Death

It’s been over one week since Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter, Hannah Price, unexpectedly passed away.

While her cause of death is still under investigation, there has been speculation her boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, may have had something to do with it. He was arrested the same day Hannah was found.

The Blast spoke with Jolly’s family today, and they believe he is innocent.

Bobby Jolly’s Family Speaks Out About Hannah Price

Hannah Price

While speaking with Bobby Jolly’s stepfather he told us,

“Bobby is a great young man and I really don’t think he would be capable of hurting Hannah because he really loved her and cared about her and he is very upset about all of this.”

His stepfather allegedly stated that there’s no telling what really happened to Hannah.

“She has had a rough past and has been mixed up with some pretty bad people a bunch in the past,” Jolly’s stepfather claimed.

Hannah was shot in the eye in a gang related attack in 2018.

He also confirmed that Bobby was in custody earlier this week for a completely unrelated incident.

Hannah Price

He noted that he and Bobby’s mother had met Hannah several times since Jolly and her started dating in early 2019, although they never met Hannah’s parents.

“Bobby is a very kindhearted and loving young man and had never been in any trouble at all until the two of them got arrested together in the road rage incident,” the stepfather told The Blast.  When asked what he thought about the rumors of Bobby being abusive he said,

“No, that’s not true at all. I have honestly never seen or heard of Bobby hurting that girl in any way at all.”

Bobby’s Family Says He’s A ‘Great Young Man’

Bobby Jolly

The Blast asked how Bobby’s mother was handling the situation he stated:

“She is pretty upset about all of the people that are trying to make him out to be a bad person which he is not.”

He also claims Hannah had anger issues.

When asked if he would ever report Jolly if he was aware of any involvement in Price’s death he replied with, “I wouldn’t hide him out if he was involved in it.”

As we reported earlier, Hannah’s former roommate recalls Jolly in a different light.

She lived with Hannah and Bobby for about a month and a half, from April to May, after meeting Hannah in a Walmart parking lot.

Hannah’s Roommate Wasn’t A Fan Of Bobby Jolly


Her former roommate spoke about Jolly saying,

“Bobby and I hardly ever spoke. He would try and talk to me but I wasn’t a fan of him for how he treated her. He added me on one of my Facebook pages when I lived with her but I declined it,” she said adding that they had “only met a handful of times.”

The last time she saw Hannah and Jolly together was in August and she said, “they were both laughing and lovey.”

Coincidentally, the last time they spoke to Hannah was in August.

“About the same time. August. Me and a few of her friends think that Bobby stopped letting her talk to many people,” she revealed.

We asked her friend point blank if she believes Jolly killed Hannah.

“Honestly when I first heard about her death I thought so. Especially since he was arrested the same day and in his mug shot he was smiling,” she admitted. “But I started to think that it might not have been him, for one there’s no proof it was Bobby. If there had been more details then that could lead to him being a suspect just because of the abusive past. I believe that if they do rule it as a homicide then Bobby should be a suspect but he shouldn’t be the only suspect.”

Jolly’s stepfather said that Bobby and Hannah had met “partying”.

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