Bethenny Frankel Slams Bravo For Letting ‘Women Trash Women’

Social media has made it easy for anyone to air their views. Many entertainers have used social media to drop hot takes on situations. It wouldn’t be the first time an ex-star would air their issues after exiting a platform. But in this piece, we’d be looking at one that involves an ex “Real Housewives” star.

Bethenny Frankel of “The Real Housewives of New York City” is well-known for her outspoken thoughts on the show. Because of her appearance on the reality show, the former Bravo star could harness her celebrity position to promote her entrepreneurial endeavors.

A photo showing Bethenny Frankel in a gorgeous all-black costume for Halloween.
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Skinnygirl, one of the franchise’s most successful businesses, was founded by Frankel.

After its release, Frankel slammed a “Real Housewives tell-all” for having “women trashing women” in it. What exactly did she say?
Keep reading to find out.

Frankel Did Not Like The Book By Dave Quinn

Frankel, who appeared on “RHONY” from seasons one to three and then again from Seasons seven to 11, was one of the only “Housewives” who refused to be included in the book.

Dave Quinn’s book “Not All Diamonds and Rosé,” tells the “inner tale of the Real Housewives from the people who lived it.” Quinn interviewed every character from every franchise, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Throughout the years, interviewing all of the show’s housewives uncovered some previously unknown details, including shady statements.

As the book made headlines, it was tough to ignore all of the hot rumors.
Even though she is no longer a housewife, Frankel, a former RHONY star, shared her thoughts on the book.

Frankel Refused To Be Included In The Book

In October, Frankel rushed to Twitter to criticize Dave and his new book for berating the women of “The Real Housewives of New York.”

“I believe we need more stories about women bashing other women… Or…could we write a book about it? the 50-year-old tweeted. “Do you think that’s a good idea?” She believed the author was exploiting the women’s flaws to generate an explosive tell-all that fans would speak about for a long time. “PS. I’ve had my unfortunate times, but exploiting our flaws? That’s ‘rich’….literally #WomenSupportWomen, hahaha, “she ranted.

“I dimly recall being asked about it and taking a hard left…but I’m not sure. It just keeps happening.” While she hasn’t talked much about the book online, she has stated that she will discuss it in greater depth on her podcast.

Andy Cohen Was Allegedly Furious With Frankel’s Comments

Andy Cohen is the book’s trademark, and his team has complete access to everything. Furthermore, Frankel’s statements stunned the Bravo world.

According to a new source, Cohen, who stood to profit from the book published by his company, was displeased with Frankel’s comments.

“Andy has had enough of her,” a source informed Radar Online. “Everything she’s tried without him has failed, including her podcast. Her talk show was a flop, her apprentice program was a flop, and now she’s counting on The Housewives to get people to listen to her boring podcast. The irony is that Frankel’s main accomplishment is belittling others.”

According to the source, Frankel was unhappy with Cohen since she reached out to him. Following comments on her show that were called transphobic by some, Frankel became embroiled in controversy.

Cohen was reportedly approached for assistance by the former RHONY star, but he “did not reply to the requests.”

This Isn’t The First Time

It isn’t the first time Frankel has slammed the Real Housewives series. Following her second departure from RHONY, she stated that the franchise’s ratings were dropping because it was no longer engaging viewers.

“The total statistics on television have never been higher,” Frankel said in April 2020 to Extra.

“Perhaps the Real Housewives numbers aren’t performing well because the content isn’t pushing people to do what they need to do right now.”

A photo showing Bethenny Frankel in a black blouse and pant, paired with sunglasses.
Instagram | Bethenny Frankel

“Or perhaps they want to watch the news, read something inspirational, or discover a method to help others.”

Frankel was always known for being confrontational, and although she departed RHONY and lost her HBO gig, it is apparent that she still understood the assignment and loves the fundamental trait that all current and previous Housewives share. Which is the art of self-promotion and knowing how to stay in vogue.

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