Becky Lynch defeats Bianca Belair, Follow Live

WWE Raw Results, live blog: Becky Lynch defeats Bianca Belair to retain her title, Follow Live
WWE Raw Results, live blog: Becky Lynch defeats Bianca Belair to retain her title, Follow Live

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on November 02: This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw is airing live from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Check the live blog and WWE Raw results here.

WWE Raw matches and segments of the night

  • Raw Women’s Championship- Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory
  • Seth Rollins in the ring

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WWE Raw Results November 2, live blog & live streaming details: WWE Raw, follow live updates

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WWE Raw Results and Live blog

Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory: Both men started with a wrestling lock. Rey then went for a hold from behind, but Austin held Rey with a side headlock, before sending him outside the ring with a shoulder block. Austin then was mocking Rey by shimmering like the late WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero. This frustrated Rey and he went inside the ring outraging his fierce strikes on Austin Theory.

That was the last time Rey had some offense coming as Austin had the match in his control now. He was all ver the veteran and not giving Rey a moment of respite. The action then moved outside the ring as Austin bashed Rey into the barricade and warned Dominik not to check on his father. While Austin was having an altercation with Dominik, Rey stood up and slammed Austin face-first on the floor with a swinging DDT before heading to commercials.

After the commercial, we see both men in the ring and once again Austin had the upper hand. He put Rey on the top turnbuckle to place a superplex, but Rey slid down and pulled Austin’s left leg that saw him going face-first on the top turnbuckle. Rey then got some opening and he slammed Austin shoulder first into the corner post.

The match was nearing its closing stage. Austin slammed Rey back-first on the mat with a sideslam and dropped kick Dominik, who was standing near the apron on the floor outside, through the bottom rope. Rey then sent Austin to the middle rope with a hurricana and placed him perfectly for 619. But before Rey could have dialed 619, Dominik hit a cheap shot on Austin’s face from the outside which the referee saw. Despite Rey hitting the 619, the referee didn’t go for the pin and asked to ring the bell. The match was given to Austin Theory after he was hit with a cheap shot by Dominik.

WWE Raw Results: Austin Theory won via DQ



Raw Women’s Championship- Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch: The two women started off with a classic wrestling lock and then Becky takes Bianca to the corner. Bianca then push Becky down to the mat, but Becky returned with a slap on the face of the challenge. This frustrated Bianca and she chases the champion who was running out of the ring. Bianca grabs her from behind, spins her for good before slamming her face-first on the mat.

Becky goes out of the ring and Bianca followed her. As Bianca approached her, Becky slams her face on the apron and tried to get better of her near the ring post on the outside, but Bianca hoists her for a vertical suplex and placed it perfectly near the ring apron, as we head into commercials.

After the commercial, we see both the ladies inside the ring. Becky hits Bianca with a vertical DDT before going for a close 2-count. Belair then gets on her feet and tried her offense for a while but Becky slowed her momentum by placing a modified disarmer which the challenger barely escaped.

Bianca then renewed herself and was going back and forth with her offense she placed a picture-perfect vertical suplex and then a gutbuster, but despite going for two close counts it wasn’t enough to put away the champion. The two ladies went for some quick roll-up pins but none of the ladies were willing to give up. Becky then tried going for a disarmer, but Bianca displayed brute strength, lifted Becky on her shoulder and the two ladies tumbled outside the ring from the top rope. We head to yet another commercial now.

Once again the two ladies were inside the ring. Becky now tried going for an armbar and converted it into a triangle hold, but Bianca once again displayed her brute strength by lifting Lynch on one hand with the triangle hold on and slammed the champion back-first on the mat. She went for a cover, but Becky survived.

After some offense back and forth, Becky got to place the manhandle slam perfectly in the challenger, but Bianca survived the close two count by placing her feet on the bottom rope. In the closing moments of the match, Becky was hoisted for a Kiss of Death near the turnbuckle, but while she was forcing her to the middle of the ring, Becky removed the cushion from the top turnbuckle and sent Bianca face-first on the exposed turnbuckle. That was it, Bianca was rocked and Becky rolled her up for a pinfall win to retain the title.

WWE Raw Results: Becky Lynch defeated Bianca Belair via Pinfall



Backstage: Bianca Belair gets interviewed for her big Raw Women’s Championship match against Becky Lynch tonight. Bianca talks about how tough she is and how she will be defeating Becky tonight to win the Raw Women’s Championship. It’s time to kick off Raw and it is time for Raw Women’s Championship match.



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