Astroworld Festival Victim’s Brother In-Law Speaks Out About Tragedy

Travis Scott‘s Astroworld Festival continues to be under fire, for the tragic incidents that occurred, on November 5. Eight people ended up dying, with much of the blame on the Houston rapper, for no stopping the festival, as the chaos was happening, in the moment.

Fans on social media have since been calling for justice of the victims, as plenty of lawsuits, are expected to be filed. Now, the brother in-law of one of those who died, which was 23-year-old Rudy Peña, wants answers, as well.

Rudy Peña’s Brother In-Law Speaks Out

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Sergio Gonzalez is opening up about wanting justice, for Peña. He also questioned how Astroworld Festival allowed these tragedies to happen, as he cited the lack of strong security. Gonzalez was also made aware of Peña’s death, and his mother’s reaction was heart-breaking.

“We learned in the worst way. We found out around 12:30 last night from a friend of Rudy that was with him that he had just passed out,” Gonzalez said. “It wasn’t until this afternoon that we found out he had died.

“This afternoon, Rudy’s mother found out that he had died. She was so distraught. Her pain was immense. She was screaming, crying. We had to give her a sedative, and she’s barely going to sleep. She thinks he’s still alive and that she’s waiting for him and that he’ll come home. She keeps saying she has to get home because he’s going to arrive. You can only imagine.”

Rudy Peña- Facebook
Astroworld victim Rudy Pena: https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.s.guerra.5/posts/687542545553346

Gonzalez Wants Astroworld Festival To Be Held Accountable

Gonzalez also doubled down, on the lack of effort by the festival, to ensure the safety of everyone, in attendance. He added that his anger comes from this failed control, from the organizers, of the popular Astroworld Festival.

“We’re so angry. There are always so many concerts and they’re always great, but you never imagine that there’ll be a tragedy. You never go to a concert and think you’re going to die. You pay for your ticket, go to a concert, have fun and go home — you never think you’ll go through something like this. I am really angry … If there’s a multitude of people gathering outside, why wasn’t there more control? That’s where my anger comes from.”

Gonzalez Describes The Type Of Person That Peña Was

Gonzalez also revealed that prior to his passing, Peña was studying criminal justice at Laredo College. He was also one who always stayed out of trouble, and was also a medical assistant, at a rehab clinic. In addition to music, he had a huge interest in sports, as he even played football, back in high school.

“Rudy was studying criminal justice at Laredo College. He was a young man who had a clean record. He was well-behaved and loved sports. Of his 5 siblings, he was the most calm. He worked as a medical assistant at a rehab clinic. He played football in high school. He was always hanging out with his friends. He was the youngest of 5 siblings. He was the calmest, the most playful, he was the sweetest with everyone. He was the most spoiled, since he was the youngest. I’ve been with my wife since before he was born and it hurts so much.”

Supporters can donate towards Peña’s funeral, at his GoFundMe account, here.

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