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I’m starting to hate her for it. I don’t know what to do, and the extra I get upset about her conduct, the extra my husband and I argue.

Dear Angry: Every time your mother-in-law efficiently riles you, she ignites a little bit spark in you. Then you oxygenate the spark by reacting to her — or combating together with your husband — and earlier than you already know it, you’re in flames (and also you’ve made her day).

Rather than permit her to create discord, give attention to eradicating her entry to flamable materials. If discussing your child’s title all the time leads you down the identical path, then cease discussing it. You simply say, “Well, we haven’t decided on a name, but we know your preference.”

If she desires to name your child “Skipper,” you may say, “You can call the baby anything you want to, though it might be awkward, if that isn’t her name.”

I counsel you and your husband critically focus on methods for drawing and implementing boundaries. (July 2012)

Dear Amy: I’m a fellow sufferer of a “monster-in-law.” I got here to understand that since I can’t change my mother-in-law, I’d as nicely discover humor with my state of affairs.

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