Ariel Winter Pens Touching Tribute To Mariska Hargitay On Instagram

Ariel Winter penned a touching tribute to Mariska Hargitay on Instagram.

The “Modern Family” star, 23, went on the photo-sharing app and uploaded a lengthy post about “Law & Order: SVU” and its lead female character.

Celebrating The Show’s 500th Episode

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Winter shared a picture of the “Ghoulies” actress, 57, posing in front of a table filled with cake and cupcakes in celebration of the show’s 500th episode. Gold number balloons that read “500” and other decors were placed behind Hargitay. The next snap showed Winter hugging Hargitay, while the last image featured them posing for the camera.

“Tomorrow, LAW AND ORDER: SVU will air their 500th episode which is an INCREDIBLE, HISTORIC achievement,” Winter captioned the post. “L&O: SVU has been my favorite show ever since I saw a marathon playing after I got home from HS. I watched 5+ straight hours and after that day, I went back and watched every single episode from the very beginning sooooooo I most likely have seen every episode twice…some maybe more than 5 times.”

Hargitay Is Her Inspiration

The “Chaperone” star also revealed how Hargitay’s character inspired her.

“I was so invested in the incredibly real stories they were telling, but I was especially moved by the LEAD character, Detective Olivia Benson. A strong, empowering female character that was and is unlike any else,” she explained.

She continued, “Over the years I wanted to learn more about the inspiring actress behind Benson, Mariska Hargitay (also AN EXEC PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR!!!! YES TO WOMEN KICKING A–!!!!), and I was blown away to learn that not only does she play such an important character devoted to fighting for justice for victims of A/SA in the show, she fights for them outside of the show as well with the national organization she created called the Joyful Heart Foundation. So basicallyyyyy, Olivia Benson is not just a character that we all wish was real…she IS real in Mariska.”

A Brief Yet Memorable Experience

Winter also recalled the time she guest-starred on the show.

“I feel so much pride that I was invited to guest star on season 21. I was the most nervous I’ve ever been because HELLO MY FAVORITE SHOW AND MARISKA(!!!) but being there with their whole cast and crew was truly beautiful because they are all amazing and welcoming and the whole experience was just beautiful,” she wrote.

She added, “Working with Mariska, an all around amazing, bada– woman and actress, was life changing for me. I learned so much personally and professionally from her in the 2 weeks I was there and I am forever grateful for that opportunity. My therapist is grateful for my breakthroughs as well🥲😂 I get all emotional when I talk about my experience at SVU which makes me feel sooooooo extra, but it’s entirely true and I’m so proud to have been a teensy, tiny itty bitty part of this legacy. 🥺❤️ YES TO WOMEN LIKE MARISKA & BENSON! YES TO L&O:SVU!”

A Longtime Fan

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It was not the first time Winter gushed over Hargitay and “Law & Order.” In a past interview, she admitted that she’s one of the show’s die-hard fans.

“It’s just such an incredible show, it really is,” Winter told E! News in 2019. “And I know they have so many, so many, so many fans because the show is so amazing and moving, and their characters and Mariska—literally everybody—but also, like, Mariska. What a queen.”

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