Aldi customers divided over change to cardboard bread tags

The German retailer has sparked a huge division online after customers noticed a change to some of its loaves of bread.

Aldi has sparked huge division online after customers noticed a small, but major, change to its bread range.

The retailer is now using cardboard recyclable tags instead of plastic tags on many of its loaves of bread, as part of a trial.

Aldi Australia has a number of commitments to improve the sustainability of our product packaging, including a goal to reduce the amount of plastic packaging across our own-label range by a quarter by 2025,” an Aldi spokesperson told

“We have started trialling recyclable cardboard bread tags on a select range of our bread products, and we continue to work closely with our business partners to identify opportunities to transition to cardboard tags on more of our products.

Over the next few years, Aldi will continue to remove plastics from its range or replace it with sustainable alternatives.

“By 2025 all remaining packaging will be either recyclable, reusable or compostable,” the spokesperson explained.

However, while most customers have applauded the sustainable change, others have voiced frustration.

“Well done Aldi – cardboard recyclable bread tag!” one woman wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of the new tag.

“This makes me very happy. Hopefully we can lose the vegetables in plastic wrap next. Good direction,” another shopper responded.

But others said that while it was a move in the “right direction” the cardboard tags proved impractical.

“I love that it’s not plastic but the cardboard isn’t working well. I got a loaf of bread and it was raining, all open by the time I got to the car,” one customer said.

“It’s a great sustainability initiative however they’re so crap that they fall off after the second time getting bread out. Same for other stores too, not just an Aldi issue,” another shopper added.

Some online users said they kept their plastic tags when they heard about the change to cardboard.

“I hate these! We’ve been collecting the plastic ones to reuse,” one wrote.

As the feud continued in the Aldi Mum’s Facebook group, one woman offered a “tip” to those “complaining”.

“You can buy reusable metal pegs or even reuse other plastic tags … You just need to think outside the box,” one woman said. “Man we are living in an interesting time of convenience and self-entitlement. These tags are the worst thing for our ocean.”

Another shopper suggested those who have plastic tags to send them to a company called Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs.

“There’s a company that recycles them, makes bowls, pens and all sorts of stuff. They then sell what they make to raise money to buy wheelchairs for people in South Africa. It’s called Aussiebreadtags,” she wrote.

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