A four-season caravan ideal for winter glamping

With COVID-19 curbing international travel, domestic caravan holidays have become more popular. But for many, the thought of spending a frosty winter night in a caravan is unappealing. Caravan builder Lume Traveler has taken on this challenge. The Dutch company has transformed its aluminium cabrio caravan – the  LT540 – into a four-season caravan ready for winter.

Made from stainless steel, felt and wood, the new LT540 Nordic is perfect for cosy glamping. Unlike Lume’s previous version of the LT540, the Nordic features an indoor kitchen spread across the centre aisle. The kitchen comes equipped with a PITT triple-burner gas stove, an LED-lit extractor hood, a sink with a mixer tap and a pull-out fridge/freezer. Users can extend the stainless steel countertop for extra work space.

Within the Nordic, there is a 180 x 200 cm bed in the tailgate gallery, and a toilet room with its own sink. A furnace supplies the outdoor shower with hot water. The Nordic also has a lounge area with a sofa or dual-bench table, and a full electrical system powered by a 330 watt solar panel array. Dimensions are 250 cm in width, 270 cm in height (including canopy), and 694 cm in length (including drawbar). 

The LT540 Nordic retails for €95,500 (approximately US$110,750). 

As caravanning has become more popular, Springwise has spotted a number of caravan-related innovations. These include a portable module that allows you to add a kitchen and sleeping area to your car, and an eco-friendly “Sprinter” van made from sustainable materials.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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