8 Effective Skincare Products With Kaolin Clay To Step Up Your Cleansing Game

Clay masks are a popular and effective treatment for your skin. Most clay masks contain kaolin, which is a finely milled clay that has been used for centuries for skincare, toothpaste and even deodorant. Also known as rose clay, kaolin is rich in silica and because it is so mild, it makes an ideal ingredient in your skincare routine.

Kaolin clay draws out sebum from the skin, removes toxins and impurities from the pores, and excess oil and dirt without causing irritation. Kaolin clay works well with all skin types including oily, acne prone skin.

The properties in kaolin help fight acne, exfoliate gently without causing irritation and minimizes the appearance of pores. While it does exfoliate, it will do so without causing inflammation or redness because the clay is so fine.

Besides a clay mask, you can incorporate kaolin clay into your skincare routine through toners, cleansers and exfoliators.

8 products containing kaolin clay to step up your cleansing game.

As with any ingredient in your skincare, you want to make sure you aren’t overusing the product. If you have dry skin, using kaolin clay more than a couple times a week can cause excess dryness.

Try using it once a week to see how your skin reacts. If you’re using one of the facial masks mentioned above, leave the mask on for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time and rinse with warm water.

If you’ve used kaolin before in your skincare, let us know in the comments how it worked for you and what product you used.

If you’re new to kaolin or clay masks, leave a comment and let us know if you’ll be trying it based on our suggestions.

Here’s to healthy and happy skin!

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